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BC Provides



Danny and Sean scout the 25ft drop on Callaghan Creek

Theres nothing like a good kayaking trip and being my second trip out of thecountry for some boating BC was definitely agem! Its pretty awesome how simple a kayaking trip can be. Wake up, eat, figure out where to go boating, kayak, eat dinner, stare at the stars, pass out and then repeat. With BC it was pretty simple to find places to go boating as the water levels were prime. We were able to catch some of the classics whilst in the area and even had a little bit of poutine. During our first  couple days we camped out near the Ashlu where some other boaters were already staked out. We plundered the local Mc Donalds for internet and hoped for sweet tea… there sadly was no sweet tea.


Yours truly below the 15ft drop on Callaghan Creek

Squamish has a lot going on for being such a small town in the way of outdoor activities. Then we moved up to whistler where we camped at the Upper Cheak takeout. Whistler is a great hub for the areas whitewater as you have the Cheak right in town and Callaghans just outside. We had to take a little ride to get to rogers but theres also a few other runs even closer to town there in Whistler which as per the locals are pretty awesome as well. All in all BC was an amazing time with great whitewater, cool people and tons of fun!


Rich Sean and Myself at the putin for Rogers Creek- Photo by Tim Madison


First Drop of the triple 20ft drops on Rogers Creek

Heres the links to the Videos from BC which include all the aforementioned good times!

$oul Rich- Part One “BC Provides” from Paul Butler on Vimeo.

$oul Rich- Part 2 “Pride, Pumas and Parties” from Paul Butler on Vimeo.