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Am I Gonna Need Snowshoes For This Run?


You know it’s spring time in the Adirondacks when people are trying to decide what is more important to stuff in the back of your boat: A breakdown paddle or snowshoes. It’s been a spring to remember up here lots of runs on the Boquet, John’s Brook, and the Branch amongst others. The highlight came over the weekend when Myself, Tom Vickery, Phil LeMarche, Bill Frazer, and Dave Carouso, walked 2 and a half miles up John’s Brook to see what was up there.


After hiking for 2 hours through the snow we finally put on the river at what looked like a really nice flow for our semi-exploartory mission. We slowly made our way down the run without incedent as the flow was rising. We found some really fun slides, long boulder rapids, bright sunshine, and surprisingly very little lumber. As we got down to the more commonly run section, it was getting late, and I had to get to dinner with my parents, so I took out and headed back to the car. I came to find out later that after I took out Tom, Phil, and Bill experienced some excitement. It was a truly epic day, I wish I could have seen it through to the bitter end.




Spring is certianly not over around here. We are really only two weeks into it, and it hasn’t even rained yet. I’m already running out of new excuses for why I can’t make it in to work. There is so much more to do, and so much more to explore.   I love kayking.
Please excuse the poor quality of some of these photos. My camera seems to have taken on some water.