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A Little Revalation…

I was lucky enough for the boys @ Pyranha to send me the ‘hot out of the mould’ Small Rev, just in time to catch Hurley on the classic 3 gates, heres how I got on…


…The photo’s dont do this boat justice, its hard to persaude someone to get out to take photos when the wave is going off!

The small Rev is going to be the wee person’s dream! Not wanting to sound like an Apple Mac advert, but the Small Rev can only be discribed as

‘Small in size - Huge in performance’

It’s super slicey on the ends and easy to initiate any wave or hole moves, but still packs in the volume to gain access to the areal realm. The hull is just that little bit narrower than the Medium making carving around the face of a wave less effort for the smaller paddler.

icklerev1.jpg Introducing the ickle Rev…

icklerev2.jpg Having some fun!

It’s a spinning, cartwheeling, looping play machine, built for little people!