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A Classic Scottish Adventure

Scottish kayaking can be a bit hit or miss, but when the river gods are on your side, it is world class.

The Ossian/ Abhainn Ghuilbinn trip has to be one of the coolest river trips in the UK.  Inaccessible, wild and spectacular, it has excited me for years and today, I finally got a chance to quench my thirst.IMG_9770 (1280x960)

After some smooth talk with the Caledonian Sleeper train guard, Amy and I arrive at Corrour station, made famous by the iconic “it’s s#!*e being Scottish” moment in Trainspotting. Amy works in the cafe there, so we sleep in the cosy cafe and use Hector the ‘landy’ to get down to Loch Ossian.IMG_9772 (1280x960)

A tail wind blows us swiftly along the loch, past the grand shooting lodge and onto a well filled River Ossian.  IMG_9776 (961x1280)This amazing grade 2 river, carries us through breath-taking scenery into Loch Ghuilbinn.IMG_9793 (1280x960)

The Abhainn Ghuilbinn flows out of the loch and is the highlight of this mini-exped.  Raging white burns gush off the hillside, producing involved paddling with picturesque views.IMG_9797 (1280x961)

As the heavy rain finishes, the sun bursts through the clouds, illuminating the winding gorges and steep drops.

The final rapid is a geological masterpiece.  The jagged slide, shoots up huge rooster tails and engulfing holes, creating a complex maze to weave through.  A great last hurrah for a well recommended trip.
IMG_9801 (1280x961)Thank Amy for a great wee mission and lets hope that the rivers gods keep giving 🙂