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44th Red Moshannon down river race

So this weekend was the 44th annual Red Mo down river race. A grass roots race with the most diverse group of paddlers to be found anywhere. Well or at least in Grassflats PA on this 28 degree day. So with the classes ranging from short canoes, to wildwater boats if you paddle you can find a class you will fit just about anything thing that floats. Tussy Mt outfitters has been the host to this event and a great promoter of down river racing. Tussy Mt outfitters should get credit for getting a bunch of river bums to the river, on the river in good time, and show you a good time at the end. If you have not been to this event yet check your calender for next spring.

See you on the water! O and I got 1st K1 long in the fastest plastic kayak on the market the Pyranha Speeder