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“1st Sick Line Extreme Race” in Oetz


Last weekend the 1st Sick Line Extreme Race was held on the infamous Wellerbruecke part of the Oetz in Austria. It was a protest event in order to stop the plans of a local hydropower company to dam the river. 45 top paddlers from 7 nations took part in the two  races, one sprint and one slalom run. Both times were added in order to find a winner, who in the end was Claus Suchanek, 2nd Thilo Schitt and 3rd Michel Herde. In the very close result (the first three were within one second!), I was able to finish on 6th place, which I’m quite happy about, as I had to roll once at the bottom drop in my sprint run. Altogether it was a great event that hopefully will be continued to be held every year now.


Oetz Race  Oetz Bottom Drop

Oetz Start Drop  Oetz Race Start


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