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Pyranha Team members and friends at the Green Race 2006 (with pictures)


I was stoked to see so many Pyranha team members out there racing and see so many Burns tearing it up! The Green Race was a huge success this year with a record breaking 126 racers!
We are very lucky to have such a perfect river to have an event—classic class V rapids, no portages, reliable water, and access for those who want to watch the action.

Racing the Green is an awesome experience. Those of us who run this river know that anything can happen, and at one time or another, it inevitably does. Sometimes that day is race day! There were 16 swimmers (the number of people who raced the first year)! On race day, you have to put all of your past experiences behind you and focus on having good lines and going fast–not an easy feat! Congratulations to all those who tried!

Team member Jared Seiler raced awesome and kicked my butt by a minute! He finished 9th in the short boat class (in a Burn)! Way to go Jared!

Team member Jay Moffatt was the first short boat to race(Burn) behind the girls and he came screamin into the finish line just as we were getting out of our boats!

Buffy Bailey-Burge (Green Queen 2003), who just had a baby 7 months ago racing in a large Burn!

Pyranha Team member Austin Rathmann (aka “rodeo king”) raced the Greenman—long boat first and then short boat(large Burn)!! That kind of stamina is amazing!

Dixie-Marree Prickett didn’t race because she was the finish line timer—but she came screamin down stylin the Green in a small Burn. Thanks DMP for being there for us at the finish line and organizing the race!

This is my favorite picture because I am smiling—I was so relieved to be done with the Flying Squirrel into the Notch, off the pad, and punch the Speed Trap sequence of the infamous Gorilla (which I had run backwards on my training run the day before)!! I am in a small Burn.

Pyranha’s behind the scenes get-it-done guy, Dinver, layin low in the Camo Burn.

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For race results you can download a pdf by CLICKING HERE!.

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