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Masters of the Water in Sweden


After a good time in Sjoa the Team bus headed to sweden to visit a great event in the little town of Dala floda. James Venimore is the organizer of the “Masters of the Water”. If you want to compete you have to do three different kinds of competition. First a downriver race in a Pyranha “Speeder” boat, a freestyle session and at the end a boatercross. But the most important part of the day is for sure to have fun and a good time with nice people. So it didn´t amaze that one competitor changed his boat to an inflatable crocodile :-). At least i managed to become 1. in the boatercross and 3. place in the overall ranking.

Liz Forshaw accomplished the 4. place in the overall ranking at the women category. Good work !

After a good and relaxed paddling day, we visited the famous party in Dala Floda to see the “Burnt out Punks”. A bunch of crazy people doing a fantastic fire show with a lot of entertainment. If you ever get the chance to see them, do it, it´s really good and funny.

All i can say is, that it was pretty nice to be in Sweden and join this event. I hope i will make it again in the future…