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High Fashion and Old School Boats – The Tyne Tour 2006

The weekend just passed saw Jamie and myself head over to Hexham, Northumberland for the annual Tyne Tour to show off Pyranha’s fleet of demo boats. With over 1000 paddlers turning up there was lots of hardcore socialising to be done.

We ended up enjoying ourselves so much in the bustling trade stand area that we never quite made it onto the water, but as anyone who has been to the event before knows, its not really about the boating. I don’t know how we managed to fit it all in, handing out demo boats, answering questions, meeting up with friends from all over the country and beer drinking but we did and Jamie even managed to find some time to go kit shopping…

Jamie Burbeck goes old school
Jamie has recently been inspired by Trinny and Susannah’s “What Not to Wear”. He felt that the Tyne Tour was the perfect place to get inspiration for his new look.

Emma Runciman ready to travel
“Do you think you can fit a person in one of those bags?”

Emma Runciman and Jamie Burbeck sample Pyranha's club/fleet range
Jamie and I give the Master TG and Acro 275 the thumbs up.