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Sunday morning in the bakery, half asleep, aching body, we picked up the local newspaper, and were surprised to see us on the frontpage, almost bigger than soccer…

French Newspaper on 13. April 2008

French Newspaper on 13. April 2008

“When the Doubs is in flood, you have to pack up and go!” Now we remembered that with these words we explained to a lady from a newspaper, why we were here. We had forgotten about her, because the river had all our attention.

On Friday we did pack up and go. As we arrived at La Malate, there were only a few paddlers, an we had a good time, even though the enormous hole next to the wave made us a bit nervous.
As the wave was feeding quite a bit into that truck eater, we soon found out, that the hole was friendlyer than it looked. Still it was not a place anyone wanted to go to.

Towards the evening, we went up to La Scie, which was easyer, with eddy access and no frightening factor, but crowded.
Since we knew, that on sunday all freestylers would go down to La Malate, which was getting better with lower waters, we opted to search a river.

We heard something of the Source of the Loue, a Waterfall out of a Cave, so we went on.
Arriving there, we were a bit down as we saw, it was not the one we expected, we mixed up Loue and Lison…

But as the gorge below looked mellow but scenic, we decided to put on anyways. Scenic it was, but with ‘mellow’ we were wrong again. It was one of the best surprises we all ever experienced.
Three hours of great class IV to V, no portage, lots of read an run on maybe 20m3.
Unfortunately, we did not bring a camera, as we were expecting a rather lame run. WRONG!

Go there if you can, the gaugue in Vuillafans was around 60m3 during our run.