David Fusilli
David Fusilli
Nationality: American   Current Location: Washington, USA    Kayaks: Jed, Burn III, 9R
Nationality: American
Location: Washington, USA
Kayaks: Jed, Burn III, 9R

My parents taught me to paddle at the age of 7; at that point, most of my gear was home made.

I was actually pretty scared of kayaking until I was about 18 years old, plus kayaking then was just myself and my dad's friends all dressed up in weird gear and tights, so I didn't think it was that cool.

Around the age of 18, I caught the whitewater bug and it's been running my life ever since. I love all aspects of kayaking; I'm pretty torn on what I like more, freestyle or creek/river running.

It's really hard to choose a favorite river too; there are so many good ones! Right now, I live really close to the Little White Salmon, and I think it's the best classic run in the country; bridge to bridge, no hike in, usually no portaging, and you can run it almost everyday.

The thing I love most about kayaking is being outside in some of the most beautiful places on the planet; add to that the focus and respect one has to have with themselves as well as the natural world around you; it's a special sport for sure.


My favorite Pyranha boat is for sure the 9R; it's super fast, easy to edge and carve around the river, and the bow rocker allows you to plane over most features; it's pretty damn fun to surf as well!

I love how you can land off a drop or cruise over a diagonal and just plane, carving on your edges right into the next rapid; it gives you an amazing feeling on the water.


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