Gerd Serrasolses
Gerd Serrasolses
Nationality: Spanish   Current Location: Washington, USA    Kayaks: 9R, Jed, Machno
Nationality: Spanish
Location: Washington, USA
Kayaks: 9R, Jed, Machno

I started paddling when I was 14 years old at the local kayak club. After competing in Freestyle kayaking events all over Europe until 2006, I embarked on a 6 month trip to South America that changed my life; in Chile, I discovered rivers and waterfalls, and from that moment on I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Unfortunately, the following year I embarked on another sort of adventure, an Industrial Design Engineering college degree that took a lot of my time and didn't allow me to travel as much as I'd have liked; a few years went by, and I was finally free again, ready to take my kayaking as far as I could. I started paddling as much as I could, winter and summer, traveling, racing, having fun, and enjoying life. Since then, I've travelled to over 20 countries, been on many expeditions around the world, and never looked back.

Kayaking is the best sport there is, and I'm so stoked I found it and get to share it with such amazing friends! Pura Vida!


The 9R is my favorite boat to paddle every day; for big-water multi-days, I really like the 9R L, as I can fit everything and still have plenty of volume to spare, and the Machno is perfect for sending it!


To see what kayaking missions Gerd has been on recently, you can follow his Instagram and Facebook accounts, read his Blog, or check out videos from both Gerd and his brother, Aniol Serrasolses on Vimeo.

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