Rowan Stuart
Rowan Stuart
Nationality: American   Current Location: North Carolina, USA    Kayaks: Jed, 9R
Nationality: American
Location: North Carolina, USA
Kayaks: Jed, 9R

I started kayaking after many years of sitting on the side of the Nantahala river, reading and watching my dad paddle C1; even after I started, it took me quite a while to really enjoy being in a boat on whitewater. There have always been people out there that I wanted to be equal in skill to (or better than), and that helped me keep challenging myself.

I mostly do freestyle, but really enjoy scaring myself on creeks and whatever big water I can find (which is pretty minimal in the South East). The Tallulah Gorge is one of my favourite runs out there, as is the Upper Gauley; I'm not really picky!

I love kayaking because it keeps me travelling and meeting tonnes of new people, so say hi the next time you see me out on the river!


I love Mr.Jed! He's playful and exciting, with some good edges to make cartwheels and other freestyle moves easier; I spend most of my time in this boat, and I would say we have a pretty close relationship.

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