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  • Pyranha 9RL Red White Grey

    Red White Grey

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The Creek Boat Evolution Continues...

The 9R L is for larger paddlers and those who are pushing the limits of the sport, but it's far more than just a big 9R.

As the name suggests, the 9R L is still just shy of 9' in length, but additional volume has been carefully distributed to carry more gear, larger paddlers or blast through bigger volume features and steeper rivers.

The rear grab handle has been moved to the stern edge to allow comfortable lowering of the boat, easier access in bow pin situations and improved swimmer rescue capabilities. The key thinking behind this move though was to remove the scoop created by most stern handles and prevent you looking at the sky at the bottom of bigger drops; it definitely worked!

To maintain the effortless manoeuvrability and forgiving nature of the 9R hull, the sidewalls have been softened at the stern to remove any pressure build up when the 9R L is fully loaded and sitting lower in the water, so you can literally nudge the boat with your knees for ultra-precise course corrections.

The stern rocker on the 9R L has been revised to maintain lateral speed when travelling through features and a slight V has been added in the rear of hull to improve tracking during the forward power phase and loosen up the stern during turning stokes.

The 9R L's drain bung has been relocated to the side of the stern to allow efficient drainage whilst shoulder carrying and put it further out of harm's way.

As it's anticipated that the 9R L will be used in more demanding and adventurous locations, a security point has been added to the bow of boat for increased rescue options and added haulage possibilities during extreme portaging.

If you weigh 90kg or less and prefer extra speed over added volume, then check out the 9R Medium instead.

The 9R L is here, and we're incredibly proud to put our name to it.





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