Kyle Hull
Kyle Hull
Nationality: American   Current Location: Washington, USA    Kayaks: 9R, Burn III
Nationality: American
Location: Washington, USA
Kayaks: 9R, Burn III

I grew up on the banks of the Smith river, just outside of Crescent City, CA. My dad had my brother and I in boats by the time we were 6, so that when we got old enough he would have someone to boat with. There are not very many paddlers where I grew up, so we always pretty much had the river to ourselves most of time.

When I was 16-17, I did 2 rounds of Keeners on the Ottawa River to up my freestyle skills. Growing up in Cali, all I did most of time was big water river running and creeking, so it was sweet to go learn freestyle skills from some of the best instructors on the best features.

Nowadays, after spending about 6 summers on the Ottawa and living in White Salmon, traveling to Mexico, Canada, Chile, and Ecuador, I mostly spend my time running the rivers in my creek boat; that's where I am most comfortable and have the most fun.

I still dabble in the freestyle scene a bit, but not as much as when I was a teenager, and my competitions tend to be on the race scene with events like the Little White Race and the North Fork Championships.


I really like the Burn III for any type of white water, especially big water.

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