David Bain
David Bain
Nationality: British   Current Location: Nottingham, UK    Kayaks: 9R, Machno
Nationality: British
Location: Nottingham, UK
Kayaks: 9R, Machno

I started paddling with my family, growing up on the rivers of North Wales; this gave me the perfect start, enjoying the feeling of being in a boat and loving every minute on the water. I got in to a slalom boat early on and focused my attention on being an athlete for the best part of ten years; through my final seasons as a slalom racer, I changed my priorities towards river paddling through extreme racing and creeking in mainland Europe.

Over the last 5 years, my focus has shifted towards larger expeditions around the world; I love the opportunity this gives me to spend time on rivers which few, or no people have paddled before; it's a real adventure.

I don't think there is anything as special as the feeling of being on white water.


The 9R has been revolutionary for me; a kayak that truly performs through everything you throw at it, its design allows a paddler to utilise the water for the perfect line. I love how versatile it is too; I use the 9R M for the majority of my paddling, but when I need to, I can load up the 9R L for a big trip.

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