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What is Team Long Hair Don’t Care?

Team Long Hair Don’t Care (TLHDC) is all about having a good time shredding around with your friends in some incredible pieces of plastic designed by the masterminds at Pyranha. The ring leader of TLHDC is dark horse Tracy Young – the California phantom you can find styling stacked class V high sierra granite on weekends or crushing through 12 hour clinical rotations at nursing school. The G.O.A.T. of TLHDC is Jessie Bohn – the new-to-Cali-still-learning-the-ropes kid who lives in Tracy’s spare room.  And of course we have Uncle Dave – the crazy relative who drops in from White Salmon to lay some treats in Cali, enlighten us with the newest lingo, and share his wisdom and drainplugs.   

Team Long Hair Don’t Care getting ready to rally a South Yuba lap
Jessie Bohn layin treats on West Cherry
Tracy Young about to launch on the South Feather