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Season 07 recap

Hey there team. Thought I would share some of my adventures from the 2007 season. It was another good one, that’s for sure. Memories of great river trips, new friends and amazing adventures will hopefully get me through the next few months of school.


The season started of with some good old Quebec and New York creek boating. The rivers always start running at the same time as the exams, so it can be tough to get out. There really is some good stuff around, but its always freezing…


Maxi on a study break. Grass River NY. photo by Dr. Steve Arns

I started moving west when the local rivers started running dry. After four days and about 30 rides later i arrived in whistler (please note: never hitchikie across Canada, it sucks) and met up with my good friend Matt Kompass. After a few Callaghan runs we got en route to California. I had sent my stuff west with Greyhound. With my luck, they went on strike and I had to go down to Cali without a single piece of equipment. Hugeprops here to the boys at Pyranha (Dinver, Brian Good and all) for hooking me up with another Burn and to Brett from WRA in whistler for letting me use all his gear (sorry about the skirt dude). Cali was great as always. met up with a bunch of hilarious boys from the south-east and got on a bunch of good trips. The L-Burn is ssssoooooo great for multi days. Super easy to pack and handles the weight really well. Gotta love the Burn. Can’t wait for the new expedition boat!!!!!

West Cherry

Brent Meadows on West Cherry Creek.

Upper Cherry

Maxi on Upper Cherry Creek at high water. photo by Chris Harjes

We came back up to BC as Cali started to run dry. Stayed in Whistler for over 2 months. Whistler is a great place for a poor kayak bum. you can work lots and make some good money and still go on wicked paddling missions after work. I worked a bit too much, but still got on many amazing trips.


Maxi on Callaghan. another day at work. photo by Graz McGowan


Maxi on skooks. photo by Benny Marr

Mamquam Falls

 Maxi on Mamquam Falls. photo by Graz McGowan

I got to finish my time out west with the trip of all trips. Austin Rathman and I rallied up north to the river we both have been dreaming about for many years. The Stikine was a life goal for both of us. All I can say is that everything you have ever heard about the Stikine is true. “it trully is the Everest of Rivers” (Olli Grau). We had really high water. Combinedwith rain made for an absolutley incredible/scarry trip. It went great though. Multi day expeditions is what kayaking is all about in my eyes. The Burn really excelled at the huge challenge of the Stikine. Wouldn’t have been in any other boat. The soft edges were amazing and allowed me to hold my line in the biggest water (by far) that i had ever seen. You can read Austins report at .


Austin and Maxi at the infamous Stikine sign. photo by selve release

Now its back to the books.

take care my friends