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Paddling in the Czech Republic

Hi everybody!
I´m Katerina Migdauova and I paddle on Burn, 4-twenty and other Pyranha boats for a couple of years.

Katerina Migdauova

I want to say something about the freestyle kayaking in CZE.

Maybe somebody knows Czech playspots from the World Cup 2008 or Euro Cup 2005 and 2006.
I study in Prague, here is situated the slalom course Troja. In spring and summer I used to paddle in a small wave or a bigger hole, which is sometime very sticky.
Usually, we have four freestyle competitions in CNAWR rodeo tour and the Czech Championship in Prague.

The tour competitions have been in Kadan – a small, training hole, which is 100 km from Prague,

Photo from Kadan

Photo from Kadan
back surf
back surf

Ceske Vrbne (Ceske Budejovice) – the simple slalom course with a small and good hole

and Sopotnice – the unique playspot with engine in tank for firemen.

Photo from Sopotnice
Photo from Sopotnice
Jump from ramp
Jump from ramp

In the Czech Republic there are many rivers with dams, which have good water level only twice or once a year. On these rivers there are interesting playspots, too.

Otherwise we have kayak cross competition here. Our mountains are only 1600m high, but in spring the steep creeks flow down from snow. It is nice creeking.
I promise to send some photos from Czech creeks in the spring.

Nice and sunny days. Katerina.

Photos by Martin Betik, Jan Lasko, Jiri Langer.