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Going to America…..

Sup Y’all

early June a bunch of canucks met up in BC and headed down to good ol’ California for a short but sweet paddling adventure. The company of Steve Arns and Kompass bros Matt and Phil ensured constant humor.

Steve Arns stylin spirit on the mandatory little white lap













First Stop was Hood River for a quick Little White lap. what an awesome river eh.

next mission was Fantasy Falls. Ben Davies and James Mole joined us for this trip. After too much driving and wasting time we arrived at the put in, in a snow storm. we took a vote on who wanted to paddle. unanimous consensus was to aboard the mission and go for beer and pizza. you know when in doubt, do what you do best.

Next morning we woke up to friendlier weather and put on. Such a fantastic trip. lots of good whitewater, beautuful scenery and good banter - three days of it.

















Phil Kompass on day two of Fantasy












First camp – what a cool spot



Matt Kompass charging into Fantasy



















and camp # 2.












After Fantasy, the team headed south to the kaweah. great stuff down there. had a bit of a party at the three rivers campground, which put me out of comission for the next days paddling trip. Oh well. at $8.50 for 18 beer, i was practically saving money. After the hangover wore of we started the long drive back to BC.

super stoked for an exciting season up here.

hope everyone is getting out a bunch.

peace out