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Canada Eh

For the month of June and a little of July, I was in Canada for the Keener Class.  I went for three weeks and was the only Keener girl there and along with that I was one of the few with Pyranha boats.  🙂  At the start of the class I got to see the Ottawa at 15 with Bus Eater and at the end I saw the Ottawa at around 1.  I loved surfing left side Phills and right side horseshoe.  We learned how to tie knots and how to repel.  We also had a photo and video class and I am currently working on making a video of it so when I get I will post it so everyone can see the mighty Ottawa!!!  =D

But I do have some photos of me on the Ottawa and the group that picked me up…….


This is at Mc Coys Chute where I attempted to do the "easier" line.


This is the group that picked me up.  We had 5 out of 7 boats that was Pyranha….I had a posy!!!!!  🙂

me2-editeThis was at Mc Coys Chute again.