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Seven Ways to Make Solo Paddling Safer….

Going paddling involves dealing with risk, and undoubtedly paddling on your own increases the level of many of those risks. Solo paddling though, I think, has an undeservedly negative reputation.


Racing down the Lariang – Sulawesi multi-daying in a 9R

It’s an interesting feeling, launching onto a big volume, multi-day river, that you haven’t paddled before, in a boat that hasn’t been designed for the purpose. It’s a whole series of unknowns, swirling around in your mind and creating butterflies in your stomach.                 Thankfully, despite having not been …

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Pyranha Team Tour – On a Mission – Croatia

Pyranha Team Tour – On a Mission – Croatia After a long drive from Slovenia, via Trieste airport to pick up Ben, Louise and myself, the Team van finally arrived in the Zrmanja valley in Croatia. After a warm welcome from the RaftTrek river guides at their rafting base, which included a glass of the …

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Dreaming of NZ Part 2 – White Water Rafting World Champs

After a week and a half of training, the GB rafting teams were fired up and ready to race! The GB ladies laid down an awesome time to win Gold in the Sprint! With a great crowd cheering them on, the ladies team gave their all in the Head-to-Head races but were knocked out by …

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Ladies Paddle Symposium 2014 – Another great success!

On the 5th and 6th of April over 110 ladies descended on North Wales for the second Ladies Paddle Symposium, organised and  run by team paddler and coach Frannie Kohn. Once again it was a multi-discipline event with more than 30 white water kayak, sea kayak, freestyle, open canoe and white water safety& rescue coaches …

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Dreaming of New Zealand

It has been a few months now since I returned to the UK from New Zealand but I can’t stop thinking about the time I spent there. The first couple of weeks were spent in domestic servitude for the Great British Ladies White Water Rafting Team, at their World Championships near Roturua. With only time …

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Autumn Team Van Tour

At the end of August the Team Van set out for Europe once again, bound for the Czech Republic and the Devils Extreme Race; but on the way we took a bit of a detour and many adventures ensued…..


Surf Sessions at the Falls of Lora

After a hard days racing at the Moriston River Race, Fran, Dave and Andy were keen for a couple of days of more chilled out boating and so headed to the Falls of Lora for some salty surf sessions.


Charging at the Moriston River Race

This weekend the first Moriston River Race was held up in north west Scotland. Keen to be involved, the team pyranha boys and girls loaded up the van and headed to the highlands for a long weekend of white water fun.


Colombia – from the boats’ point of view

As a round-up to our Colombia expedition I thought I would do something a little different and give you a summary of our trip from our boats’ point of view – enjoy!