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Arriving in southern Brasil

My kind of ‘open end’ trip in Southamerica has brought me to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and now Brasil. To Brasil we came without any expectations or beforehand knowledge.
We just wanted to do some boardsurfing and make new plans, maybe cross north to Venecuela, and off course, see if we find some paddling.

So on the way to Florianopolis we turned off at the first interesting roadsign:
‘Rio Paranhana, Parque Aguas Vivas’
and before we knew it, we where hooked up with the super friendly locals at Brasil Raft.

Rio Paranhana gallery
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The Rio Paranhana is a mellow little jugle creek, has a lot of Rafting, a Slalom Course, and was a nice introduction to jungle paddling, plus we got some info and contacts, on where to go next.

After a couple of days we left to spend some time boardsurfing near Florianopolis.
And now, after a few rivers more, we are in Iguaçu, waiting for a permit to paddle below the Iguaçu Falls!

Iguacu Falls

So i got some time to soon report more.